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Board Nominees & Sample Ballot

The 2016 BCRA board nominees and a sample ballot are now available online:

2016 Board Nominees & Ballot

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Appeal for Board Members

Hello Future Board Members,

There are 15 board positions open this year. Please send a short bio (2 paragraphs) before May 17th to:

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

From our bylaws:

7.2 Criteria for Candidates. A candidate must:
- Be a member of the BCRA.
- Attend at least one regularly scheduled board meetings within the previous year.
- Endorse the BCRA’s mission and share the values that it represents.
- Commit to work 12-20 hours per month for the BCRA board.
- Have abilities in communication, listening and working toward group consensus in a way that is respectful of others.

Please note!! 12-20 hours/month commitment has not been an enforced requirement of WBCR as discussed in our last board meeting.  That said, joining this board will be an indication that you will attend our board meetings and help in the construction of our business plan.

Also, some people have asked if joining the board could possibly expose them financially. Be relieved, we have board insurance in good standing.

Please refer to our bylaws for more information on the BCRA and on being a board member:


Thank you,

The Nominating Committee
Asa Hardcastle / Maggie Welch / Ron Ronan

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Annual Meeting, June 2, 6:30pm - SAVE THE DATE

The Berkshire Community Radio Alliance (BCRA) / WBCR-LP 97.7fm will be having the 2016 annual meeting on June 2nd at 6:30 PM - the location along with directions and a packet of information about the meeting will be sent out mid-May.

The agenda of this year’s annual meeting is to vote for 15 open spots on the board!  We will also be breaking bread potluck style, coordinated by Stephanie Graham.

If you are not yet a member, do it now!


Also, please read through our bylaws if you are interested in the annual meeting process:


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Fundraiser: DREAMers Among US

WBCR-lp and Rural & Migrant Ministry present DREAMers Among US on Saturday, November 21st, 3-5pm, at Monument Mountain High School.

Members of the Youth Arts Group of Rural & Migrant Ministry (RMM) created the film after years of fighting for the DREAM Act and better futures for undocumented students everywhere. The award-winning 21-minute documentary captures the pressing need for reform so that all young people have the chance to pursue a higher education, and their dreams. YAG filmmakers will present the award-winning film alongside mentor Ilene Cutler and Berkshire County Immigrant Youth.

Suggested donation of $10 to benefit WBCR-lp and the Youth Arts Group.

Get Tickets Now!

Download the flyer

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Success! New Automation Server Installed

Thanks to a very quick outpouring of member support, we purchased and installed a brand new automation server last week. So far, the machine has been running flawlessly at the transmitter site.  All of our non-WBCR produced shows are again being updated, and very soon we will begin slotting WBCR produced shows back into the schedule.


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Automation Server, Needs Your Help

As of Friday, we’ve deployed a new automation server.  There are a few things you may notice:

1) the audio quality over the air is significantly better
2) scheduled programs are no longer being played
3) sometimes the system goes quiet.

We are aware of all of these things, and working toward solutions for #2 and #3.  You can help!

• If you hear dead air, send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
• If you can help us purchase a new machine immediately (which would fix #2 and #3 problems), send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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F.A.Q About Closing the Rosseter Street Studio

Is WBCR Going out of business? No.
We are not going out of business, that’s crazy talk!

Money? Please.
We still need money as we are still broadcasting.  This money will go toward insurance, equipment, licenses, phone, streaming, and if we raise enough, backup equipment. Send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or use the paypal links on the site if you are interested in helping!

Are we still on the air? What about live programming? Yes. None for a while.

We will continue to broadcast new locally produced shows - just pre-produced, which has always been an aspect of WBCR.  Live programming is the heart and soul of an LP station, maybe any station, and will remain that way for WBCR as we plan our next steps. There was and has never been any intention of permanently being only pre-recorded. Over the next year, it is even possible that we will be experimenting with things like live remotes.

When is the last live show in 2015? When is my last show? October 28th.
The last live show in 2015 will be on Wednesday October 28th. Move out of the Rossitter street studio will begin on Thursday October 29th-Saturday October 31st.

Who made this decision? Why wasn’t I consulted? The board. Maybe nobody knew you had an opinion.
After moving out of the Rosseter street studio, we are going to be having lots of working/deciding meetings (just like last year, except better). You are welcome to come and take part in creating and planning our awesome future.

One of our weak links has (ironically) been communication. This is a systemic issue, not a financial one. All critics/supporters/dreamers, please take part rather than slinging criticisms and dreams from afar.

How can I help? Money and time.
Ok, this is actually not a frequently asked question, but I’m going to answer it anyway. Time and money.

Contact me and I’ll get you set up on one or both of these tracks!  Send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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WBCR Rebooted!

The Berkshire Community Radio Alliance is currently in the process of a reboot.  We are having meetings every other Monday.  The meeting schedule is available in the right column of the site. Come and add your voice and ideas! There will be more information soon.  To keep up to date, please join our email list.

We are excited about a very active future for our radio station.

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Rest in Peace Jean Claude Vierne

As you may have heard, we’ve lost one of our own, Jean Claude Vierne, who passed away quite suddenly on April 16th. He loved being a part of our small radio community, and we loved having him here, and he will be missed.

Jean Claude Vierne at WBCR-lp


Jean Claude Vierne, a well know French Chef, teacher and radio host, passed away suddenly on April 16th.

He was born in France in 1951 in the town of Salon de Provence, near the Mediterranean Sea. His interest in cooking began at a young age, inspired by his mother and grandmother’s love of French country Provencal cuisine. His family moved to Paris and his formal education began when he enrolled in Ecole de Cuisine in Saint Armand Montrond, France. Upon graduation he pursued his career working for a well- known restaurant in Paris Le Coupe-Chou, as well as several large French resorts in Brittany, the Riviera, Vittel in the Alps and the island of Guadeloupe.

In 1973 he moved to New York City where he was a sous chef at the Rainbow Room, La Caravelle, La Cote Basque and the executive chef at La Colome d’Or, and the New York Bar Association.

In 1989 he moved with his wife Nikki Hayes Vierne to the Berkshires where they opened a French Provencal Bistro, La Tomate that was a local favorite for many years in Great Barrington.

In recent times he taught cooking classes at Berkshire Community College, MCLA and privately. In addition, he was the lively host of a weekly radio show, The Food Show on WBCR 97.7 FM in Great Barrington that was full of wonderful food stories, recipes, music and great humor.

He is survived by his wife Nikki Hayes Vierne, and several family members in France, Blanche Milloud, Muriel Feinstein, Sidone Phelippeau and Loric Vierne.

A graveside service celebrating Jean Claude’s life will be held on Sat. May 10th at 10:30 a.m. at the Mill River Cemetery in Mill River.

There will be no calling hours.

Donations in his memory can be made to the local radio station WBCR 97.7 FM in Great Barrington, MA in care of FINNERTY & STEVENS FUNERAL HOME, 426 Main St., Great Barrington, MA 01230. Remembrances may be sent to the family through http://www.finnertyandstevens.com

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Why underwrite WBCR Programming?
Your support of non-commercial radio is valued by our listeners.  In contrast to in-your-face commercial advertising that is quickly switched off, underwriting announcements are given special attention on community radio stations.  The community supports businesses that support the community!

How can underwriting benefit your business?
Community radio is an excellent public relations tool.  Underwriting announcements promote a positive business image by demonstrating our support for the arts and culture.  They can remind listeners of existing small businesses and introduce new ventures.

Target and reach a new audience!
While WBCR radio has something for everyone, we cater to people with diverse and eclectic sophistication.  These people, who are often hard to reach through standard media, appreciate a sincere message rather than a hyped commercial.  Supporting non-profit community radio is the right message.

Expand awareness of your name and presence!
Awareness of your business is expanded each time you are mentioned on community radio.  With our diverse program offerings, we can reach more types of listeners than any single format station!

WBCR Programming….
WBCR-lp is a block formatted station providing music and information unavailable on commercial radio.  We are proud to offer news, cultural programming and a huge variety of musical formats, such as (but not limited to) Jazz, Blues, Alternative Rock, Alternative Country, Standards, Latino, Bluegrass, Folk and World music.  WBCR is the only local radio station presenting the works of local artists!.

WBCR-lp ∙ P. O. Box 152 Great Barrington, MA. 01230 ∙  Phone: 413-644-9797
WBCR-lp │ 97.7 FM

What is Underwriting?
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows businesses to underwrite, or fund, programming on stations like WBCR-lp radio and to receive on-air acknowledgement, but it does not allow commercial advertising.  While underwriting can serve the same purpose as commercial advertising, it differs in a few very important areas.

Underwriting announcements may not, according to FCC rules, include qualitative, comparative, or promotional language.  A call to action, pricing information, and inducements to buy or sell are not allowed.  These regulations serve to protect the non-commercial ambiance that community radio listeners value so highly. 

Underwriting announcements let listeners know that your business is supporting their radio station.  Announcements can introduce your business or remind listeners that you are part of the Great Barrington community.

All announcements can be up to 20 seconds in length and are recorded by our production staff free of charge.  Announcements will run throughout the day and may include information which identifies, but does not promote, the underwriter, including:

• Name
• Products or services
• Location
• Telephone number
• Web address
• E-mail address
• A well-defined slogan, i.e. “like a good neighbor”

Example announcement: 

“Support for WBCR Radio comes from Crossroad Books, located at 301 S. Main Street in Great Barrington.  Telephone:  (413) 528-0000 and on the web at http://www.yourwebsite.com.  “Caring about books.”  Our thanks to Crossroad Books.

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Fund Drive Now!

This is WBCR-lp’s annual fund drive.

  • It’s the first time we have asked our listeners to donate to support the station since last October.
  • And we’re trying to raise the whole budget to keep us going for the next year: that’s an ambitious $30,000.

For this drive we are reaching out, by calling and contacting people who have donated in the past.

  • Listeners can expect to receive a call or a reminder message, if they donated to WBCR-lp in our last fund drive,
  • Of course, we’d also like donations from people who haven’t donated before.

So click here to donate now!

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Widerness Song Fundraiser was a Wonderful Success

Update: photos and an article about the event are on Rural Intelligence

special event image
Dan Bern and Jeanne Bassis

From Jeanne:

Yes, our fundraiser event was on all fronts a wonderful success.  Great community energy in support of WBCR-lp, a beautiful performance and film, a dent towards our goal to raise moolah, awesome food and a really nice bunch of people.  A huge thank you to to Dewey Hall and Todd Mack.  Giant thanks to our amazing crew - my right and left hand and big toe Tracey Mahon, Phil and Ann Tierney, Judy Eddy, Graham and Barbara Dean, Dan White, Elizabeth Pugh, Jaime Weisberg, Bob Skoczylas and Harald Giffin all made it flow so smoothly & Bob Balough and Martha Escobar and Daisy jumped in at the last minute to help, with Michael Wise acting presidential when we most needed it.

Dan was so grateful to have the opportunity to perform this evolving work, especially in front of such an appreciative audience.  And I got to make a long-held dream come true…

Thanks to our sponsors and suppliers of yummies:
Berkshire Coop Market
Greylock Federal Credit Union
Deb Koffman Artspace
Berkshire Property Agents
Toole Agency
Art Ames
Big Y
Castle Street Cafe
Ena Cafe and Deli
Fuel Coffee Shop
Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe
The Marketplace
The Meat Market
Price Chopper
Rubiner’s Cheesemongers and Grocers
Siam Square
SoCo Creamery
Xicohtencatl Mexican Restaurant
Plaza Package

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R2W Talks Fundraiser Thanks!

special event image

Thank you to everyone that came out for the R2W Talks fundraiser, we raised $1,000 for WBCR-lp!

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We have a Winner!

Nikita guitar winner, Julie Rider
Julie Rider of Pittsfield is the winner of our guitar raffle.

From Phil Tierney:

The Nikita has left the building but left behind over $5,000 for WBCR.  The drawing was last evening on air during Common Sense Songs and thank you Barbara & Graham Dean for letting us use your air time for this.  Many many thanks are in order, and because my memory ain’t what it used to be (never was much good) I’ll just send a combined thank you to all the WBCR programmers who sold tickets, bought a spare set of guitar strings for “The Nick”, held a House Party for us and made up the great posters.

To the amazing and extremely talented musicians, Graham Dean, Rob Putnam, Steve Ide, Sam Lardner, Peter King, Andy Kelly and John Prusinski who went out on a limb for us by playing “The Nick” for the first time at their gigs, encouraging their audiences to buy tickets and buying tickets themselves.  Thank you, thank you.

For Eagle reporter Derek Gentile who visited WBCR and drew the lucky winner’s name.  Thank you.

For the special venues that let us display the Nikita and made tickets available for sale (in some cases when they sold guitars themselves), Tune Street,  The Music Store,  Wood Bros. Music, The Berkshire Music School and Toonerville Trollies.  Thank you.

For the restaurants who allowed us to drop in with the Nikita , display it and sell tickets there,  Castle Street Cafe, The Brick House, The Gypsy Joynt,  Patrick’s Pub, Missions, The Lantern, The Josh Billing Bash, The Market Place and The Colonial Theater. Thank you.

For James “Nick” Mallozzo who created this beautiful one of a kind instrument and most generously gave it to WBCR to raffle. Thank you.

Finally to all our friends, relatives, and supporter who purchased tickets.  Thank you.

Oh yes and to Julie Rider, of Pittsfield, whose name was drawn last night, congratulations on winning the one of a kind $3500 Nikita Guitar.  I’m going to miss it.

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A Big Thank You

A big thank you to all of the local businesses that contributed premiums and other support to our fall fund drive.

Baba Louie’s
Berkshire Coop Market
Berkshire Jazz Festival
Berkshire Mountain Bakery
Big Y
Blue Rider Stables
Cafe Adam
Castle Street Cafe
Catherine’s Chocolates
Dreamaway Lodge
Eagle Shoe and Boot Co.
Great Barrington Bagel Co.
Joyce Schneider Acupuncture
Mahaiwe Theater
Maria’s European Delights
The Meat Market
The Music Store
Plaza Package
Price Chopper
Riverbend Cafe
Robin’s Candy Store
Scott Vighi Massage
Shakespeare and Co.
Siam Square
Soco Creamery
T.P. Saddleblanket
Yoga Great Barrington

Thank you to Gabrielle Senza for the use of her Art Studio, Eleven for the House Concert.

The musicians were:

Vikki True and Peter Schneider
Chris Merenda
Ryan Foss
Joanne Spies
The Berkshire Mountain Rambler
Gabrielle Senza and Darren Todd
Rodney Mashia
Steph Campbell and Anders Johannson

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